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Originally Posted by rapid_ascent View Post
I have a similar situation where my two shunts are close together which makes getting to the sense screws difficult. I don't really see it as a big issue though. I'm going to attach fusible links to these screws and that can be done before I attach the shunts to the firewall. If I need to replace them for some reason I can just unscrew the shunt from the firewall.
My solution is that at next service, I will put the sense wires on the same terminal as the bus wires. But the sense wire terminals must be on the bottom next to the brass blocks. There will be a slight error in the reading because of the extra contact resistance and the main current flow, but I can either calibrate that out, or not worry about it; I am not using the shunt current for any math so if i am off by 10%, I dont care.
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