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Default Big South Part 2

We learned about the battle of Lake Erie at the Perry Memorial - the US and England fought naval battles on Lake Erie!!

We caught a band Tuesday night and rolled out a bit late to take the cart to the airport - the runway was covered with birds!

They all moved when the Lycoming grunted, so all was good. We'll be back!

On to destination #2 - Chapel Hill, NC. Andi suggested I fly while she got some shut eye.....

149 KTAS on 5.8gph. I love this plane!

Great scenery along the way....

Chapel Hill was great, we toured the UNC campus, met our new baby niece, but the highlight of the visit was giving rides to some of our good friends from college and their 4 kids and one nephew! We had a pizza party on the KIGX tarmac - not sure what airport management thought!

Next on to Knoxville to see my cousin Kristi and her family, including her new granddaughter!

Had to climb to 12.5 to clear clouds over the Smokies. The RV-9 just said - "Child Please" problem. Cloud clearance maintained. The slam dunk into KTYS was really fun.

My cousin's mountain home is to die for - here are the gals on the "creek porch" My aunt, my cousins and my wife.


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