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Default RV-12is Rudder cable link lengths

Kind of a tongue twister that title

I am building my RV-12is in a fairly constrained space and it would be very convenient for me if I could install the forward F-01258 rudder cable links without using the prescribed process in the plans. I do not yet have the tail cone installed, but would like to install these links prior to the forward tunnel access being constrained. I understand it is possible they might have to be replaced in the future if I get the length wrong, but they are not expensive and from what I understand, the length is not critical unless they are so long that the rudder pedals hit the firewall before the rudder stops.

Bottom line....does anyone have recorded the lengths of their measured rudder cable links that you can share, or even a picture showing specifically what set of pre-drilled holes you ended up using?

Thanks in advance,

Walt Cannon
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