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Ok I'm a little behind on posting more on the rear skirt. She is pretty much done this time and it came out beautiful on the second try!

Putting the micro on. This one didn't require much filling at all.

20190721_160422 by Jereme Carne, on Flickr

The next day I sanded the micro down and only had three little areas that needed a bit of Evercoat. Put on four squeegy epoxy coats and waited over night. The next morning sanded it down to a perfectly smooth surface... the final sanding.

20190723_111721 by Jereme Carne, on Flickr

Look how good it fits on the fuse!!!

20190723_111728 by Jereme Carne, on Flickr

I primed the fairing today but didn't get a pic of it on the plane so I'll try and take one tomorrow. It looks great.

In the meantime while I have been waiting for epoxy to cure I have been working on the wingtips. I am going with the hinge attachment method. This method definitely takes some time but overall it isn't too bad.

Now there are two camps on when to do your wingtips.

Camp 1: do it anytime after getting the ailerons properly aligned on the wings with the tooling holes.

Camp 2: wait until you have your wings mounted because your flap mating with the fuselage may dictate where your ailerons will actually be neutral.

Camp 1 made the most sense to me since your ailerons being set with the tooling holes seemed the most important to me. If your flaps don't fully retract before hitting the fuselage you have some kind of error built in to your system and in my mind the poor way to "fix" that is by lowering your ailerons and inducing unnecessary drag. The better approach in that situation seems to me to joggle the protruding flap skin (where it touches the bottom of the fuselage) a bit so that it fully retracts.

Anyways, here is a pic of what I have done. I also bonded the inner hinge into the tips tonight. Tomorrow I should be able to rivet everything together and start working on the plexi covers.

20190723_130938 by Jereme Carne, on Flickr
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