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Originally Posted by rockwoodrv9 View Post
Very cool Doug. I cant wait to get to phase 1. Are you posting pictures and experiences anywhere?

I worked on my trim today. I am ready to mount and have the D-Sub pins all done. Now I just need to figure out what wire coming from my garmin and VP to hook to it!!

It will be sooooo worth it! Hang in there!

I'll do a 20 hour update. I just haven't had the chance to take any pictures, what with dialing in the EFIS, listening for funny engine sounds, etc. Some very pretty rock formations, etc. in the high desert. I'll try to get some video with the V-stab camera at some point too.

I'll say, it's a lot more comfortable at 10 hours than 5, as I'm building a lot of trust with the engine.
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