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Originally Posted by petehowell View Post
Feels good, huh?
It felt good on a bunch of levels, Pete. It was from reading your stories here that I got interested in this program. I'm not sure if I'd have heard of it otherwise. Sometimes connecting the dots in something like this seems to take random events (you posting here, me reading your posts, an independent decision to move my plane from one airport to another, etc.) and makes sense out them.

What is nice in my case is, I moved to a new airport to save $100/month on hanger rent, $1 or more per gallon on fuel (I'm paying $4.95, if you can believe it), and to get back to the feel of a small, rural airport. It turns out that one of the pilots there (Greg, not an RV'r) is active in PnP and when I mentioned the program to Amy at the front desk on Thursday, on Friday she had me talking to Greg who couldn't do this mission, and on Saturday morning I was picking up 18 animals. Another random fact associated with this flight was my brother learned to fly at Elizabethtown and had a Cherokee 140 based there for a while.

So, things worked out for a variety of reasons, starting with you. When I get the 9 done, expect to see a lot more travel reports....My goal is to give the Ruskie here a run for his money. I've got a wife who likes to travel and isn't afraid to spend money....
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