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I have spent hours in the air helping my buddy with his Cozy MKIV equipped with a Dynon Skyview Touch with Dynon AP system and a Garmin 430 non WASS trying to get the thing to work right. Using the manual, we went through the calibration/settings process starting at the lowest settings and adjusted/tested all the way up to the max settings. Bottom line is it will not follow the approach close enough to consider dependable. It also will not hold altitude well, sometimes dropping 100' or more in level straight flight. It requires constant attention, disconnecting to correct heading and altitude. The closest we could get to following an approach, it would over shoot the turn and put us 20* or more off course, but it would never try to correct itself after leveling out. I am hoping I don't have problems like this with my G3X Touch with Garmin AP.
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