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Originally Posted by Ralph Inkster View Post
I can't remember what Jack used in there. Maybe baffle material, maybe custom.
Either way, you could make the replacement by squeegeeing Permatex red silicone sealer into fiberglass cloth, trim it to your dimensions & attach it similar to the original.

Custom hose not very hard to make. Didnít have much luck trying to squeegee the silicone through the cloth. Have done a couple and this is what worked for me.

Wrap foam pool noodle with packing tape and wax throughly.

Dilute red silicone with MEK until it is just thin enough to brush.

Paint a heavy coat on the packing tape and lay on the cloth. I used 1 layer of 9 oz with edges overlapping about 1Ē. Brush another coat or two on top of the cloth. To make it look good wait for it to tack up a little, put on a rubber glove, spray on some alcohol and rub it down gently to smooth out the brush marks.

Mine took 2 to 4 days for the MEK to evaporate and feel cured. Until then they were soft and gooey.

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