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Default Donít sell it, you will regret it.


As I said in the text I sent you the other day, don’t sell it, you will regret it. Either suck it up for the first year, or get your private in a certified plane, then get a new quote. Park the RV in the hanger, get a hanger liability policy to please the airport, which BTW are cheap, get you private done, then get a new quote as a private pilot. It will be cheaper to finish it up, than throw away all the money you have spent and have nothing to show for what you have done to date.

I have known you for over three years now, I know how much you want to do this, so bite the bullet, and get her done, and enjoy your new freedom.

As for what you said, those two things will do nothing but improve in time and you will get better. Practice does make perfect.

You are so close, please don’t join the “I gave up club”. “YOU CAN DO THIS!”


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