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Status? Frustrated.
Everything Firewall Forward is dependent on something else. That assumes all the parts are available. If another widget is needed, there goes another order to a vendor and more time. My shop is a disaster. There are parts waiting and tools to install them all over. Today, an order finally arrived from Spruce. The plastic package seal must have opened and part fell out in the warehouse. Component can't be installed or even partially used because they are looking for the missing piece and don't have a replacement to send. Out of stock. Oh bother! My electronics are pending two HDX screens. My interior is on the waiting list for who knows when. On to something else. I may switch to fiberglass and paint for a while. At least I have all the stuff.
Thanks for letting me vent.

Status? Still frustrated.
I called Spruce yesterday. They were out of the part and sent a message to warehouse to look for the missing piece. Promised to call me. No call. I called this morning. No joy. They backordered it and sent me an RMA to return the defective part. No pre-paid postage. Go figure. I have to pay to return a defective part. No doubt I'll get charged to ship the replacement.
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