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Default G900X Warranty

Originally Posted by Plummit View Post
So my PFD is dim to the point that I'll need to do something about it. I called Garmin and they gave me 2 prices: One price, which is less money (note I didn't say "cheaper"), was if I sent my display back to be repaired. The other price, which is more $$$ is if I send mine back and they replace it with a rebuilt unit.

Does anyone know (G3X guys?) what the difference is as far as what they do and any warranty they give?

The exchange can be sent out overnight. A repair will take a little bit more time, as you have to send it in and our repair shop will work on the unit, and then send it back out to you. If you have the time, it is cheaper to go the repair route. They carry a 6 month warranty on them once they leave our repair shop.


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