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Default Looking for hangar in the Fort Worth area...

My wife and I are planning to move to the Fort Worth area. (Our three kids and 6 grandchildren live there)

I'm looking for a hangar to purchase, preferably on the west or northwest side of town (2 of our kids live in Weatherford) I have an RV4, a Rans S7S Courier, and am building an RV7A. Hoping to get a hangar for at least 2 of the 3 planes. Would like to stay in the $235,00 range if possible. My preferences in order are:

1) Hangar with workshop and apartment
2) Hangar with workshop
3) Hangar large enough to add a workshop and possibly small apartment
4) Buy a lot and build myself

I've checked out the web for possibilities, and have found a few things, but many of the sites have old info and are hard to navigate (at least for me!)

Hoping to get some input from you all on the market and availability... and/or a good website to find current information.

Tom Chapman
San Antonio, Ft Worth
Flying my recently completed -10
Building RV-7A
Flying RV-4 since 1988
Flying Rans S-7S Courier since 2010

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