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Question FAA more confused than me?

Good news: only 7 days after mailing in my packet, the FAA wrote back to me.

Bad news: They seem more confused that I am. The letter states:

"It appears that Van's Aircraft Inc built the described aircraft (per the Form 8050-88 submitted.) If Van's Aircraft Inc is the builder/manufacturer of the aircraft then the bill of sale from Van's to David Hill should show "Aircraft" bill of sale and not "KIT" bill of sale. If this is the case you may draw a single line through "KIT" and show Aircraft."
Since I did build N76012 from kit, then this doesn't sound like the right thing to do.

The letter doesn't have any alternative action other than to call, which I will do this week. Did anyone have a similar experience? Does anyone have any magic words that I can use to make this go smoothly?

Thanks in advance,
David B. Hill
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