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Originally Posted by Richard Connell View Post
3. Tach or Hobbs time in small font inside tach on the front page. Saves having to scroll to EIS page to work out TIS.

5. User defined hierarchy and positioning for the EIS display elements on the PFD.

6. The EIS page needs some refinement. There's no need for most aircraft systems to split it into engine, electrical etc..just means more button (screen) pushing.
I'll second the items above.

In addition:
  • Rubber-banding flight plans - not sure if the latest software version has this yet, but the release running at OSH14 didn't.
  • Sharing XM weather data between the screens.
  • Pushing a flightplan created on the G3X to a GTN. If I can push an iPad created flightplan to the GTN thru flightstream, it seems crazy to me that I can't push a flight plan from a Garmin device to a GTN.
  • I also like the idea of airspaces in the profile view. That would be great for us flying in complicated airspace!
  • Display Virb video thru Wifi to the G3X. I can do this with my ipad. It would be great to be able to do the same on my MFD, so I don't have to have a piece of coax running to anywhere I might want to mount a camera
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