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I put a new intake gasket on #3 today and re torqued the intake /exhaust/fuel lines/hose clamps. The intake bolts all took another 10-15 in/lbs, a couple of exhaust flange bolts took a smidge, most of the hose clamps took 1/4 turn but all of the fuel lines were tight thank goodness.
I put the 3 nutplates on the inside of the cowl per plans, the nutplate on the inside was very close to the ringgear so i removed them. I'm going to fill the rearmost hole, 2 screws per side is plenty.

I originally set my spinner to cowl gap at 1/4-5/16, just enough room to put the cowl on but it's going to be very easy to scratch it after paint. I originally anticipated about 1/8-3/16 engine sag for the spinner/cowl alignment. My engine seemed to settle in (so far) about 1/8 lower after the first couple engine starts. Remains the same after 1 whole hour of flight time. I'm sure heavier props or lighter engines would produce different results.

RV 7 590 hours and counting
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