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Default My total cost was just over $30,000

I had made a statement in post #19 that said my total cost was under $30,000. I lied just a bit, it was just a little over $30,000 (see below).

airframe (including crating) (new) $13,809
engine $2,800
cam $875
lifters (new) $1,000
grt EIS 4000 (new) $1,100
instruments $250
a200 (new) $600
kt76a $750
area500 (new) $800
prop (new) $700
elt (new) $150
encoder (new) $200
intercom (new) $200
starter/alt/regulator (new) $550
Dynon D100 with autopilot (new) $4,100
Paint/polish/supplies (new) $500
Misc - stuff from Vans, wiring,
hoses, eng controls, etc (new) $2,500
TOTAL $30,884

My final weight came in at 996 Lbs.

Home brewed Dynon AOA probe (note: blade probe is now gone)

I believe that my dollar amount is pretty darn close since I don't have a copy of every little purchase, but it isn't off by far if I am off.
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