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Default RV-3A - imported and ready to fly


well, it is still a project as I am waiting for paperwork so it fits to post here - but ready to fly now!!!

EDIT mid April: paperwork came in and plane flies - having F U N !!!

Vans RV-3A (both spar mods) with 51 hrs TT & since TOP overhaul and 51 hrs on new Catto prop, wing tanks, Dynon D10-A, 2x 5" PocketFMS/Easy VFR.

It is a snug fit for me with 6.15 ft and 210 lb but it works (well, I could get used to this in the RV-4 I had). Can´t wait to fly it - waiting for paperwork.

EDIT September: ... got used to it, still having a blast!!

Best, Heinz
P.S. Again: many thanks Smokey, Ron, Jesse and Brad.
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c.) bought flying at 51 TT: Vans RV-3A, PH-URZ .... now at 150 hrs (and having fun )

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