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Originally Posted by edward7048 View Post
I just found that the pilot and copilot ptt.sw. when using the wh-00036
harness are reversed between the wh-rv12-tunnel cable assy. and the
wh-00036 cable assy. that plugs into the av-50000a. Pin #3 of the
wh-rv12-tunnel is the pilot ptt.sw. which goes to pin #3of the wh-00036
where it is labled copilot ptt.sw. I found this out when trying out the
sl-40 radio. I could key the transmitter but no modulation,after checking
I found that keying the copilot ptt.sw. and talking on the pilot mike
avery thing worked.
A big THANK YOU to you, Gene! You just saved me a lot of head-scratching and debugging. I checked my WH-00036 harness on the Fuselage end as everything else was tied up and installed. It sure showed the same discrepancy that you had discovered. Pin 3 was connected to the Co-Pilot PTT and pin 1 was the left seat's PTT. I swapped the pins on the Fuselage end and verified that everything worked as it should (well, just with an Ohmmeter at this point in time).
So, again, thank you, Gene!
Others that got their conversion harnesses should probably check theirs too as this is definitely not a single mistake. I might find the muse to check the protocol and see if maybe Van's instructions for the harness manufacturer are wrong.
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