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Another method:
  1. Mount bottom cowl.
  2. Clamp some paint stirring sticks to the outside of the bottom cowling sides, two on each side.
  3. Clamp the top cowl to the vertical sticks leaving three or four inches of gap between the two cowl halves (depending on how fat your arms are (see step 6)). Make the gap even all around.
  4. Tape a Sharpie to another stick (at a right angle to the stick) so the marking end just extends past the (side) edge of the stick. (popsicle stick is fine).
  5. Cut the Sharpie stick so the distance from the Sharpie marking tip to the end of the stick is the distance in step 3 plus the desired baffle to cowl gap.
  6. Reach into the cowl inlets and while holding the Sharpie stick vertical, run it around the inside wall of the baffles.
  7. You now have an almost perfect cut line on the baffles.
I really wish I had taken pictures of this process, as it is dirt simple, quick, and very accurate. Much better than the paper clip process.
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