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Originally Posted by Phil View Post
Hey Jim,

I'm having a hard time finding a source for AN3-58's, so I'm kinda excited that the bolts didn't make that much difference.

One of the lessons I think I learned in this exercise is that the bolt axis on each side of the pedal are clearly misaligned. This creates binding. I think you could bend them so they are aligned and then use the standard hardware and be fine.

Do you have any photos of your return spring mod? That sounds like a pretty cools option and affordable too.

McMaster-Carr part numbers below

6389K625 Nylon Bearing - 5 pack $2.26
9657K115 Steel Spring - 12 pack $6.00
9946K13 Aluminum Set Crew Collar - each $1.91

Less than 15 bucks with spares - Priceless!
For everything else there is ..............

PS - when I did the original installation with two short bolts per pedal I used some McMaster-Carr 95630A460 7/8" dia PTFE washers between the brake pedal and the rudder bar. This reduced binding considerably and perhaps accounted for the negligible effect of the long bolts when I eventually fitted them.

PPS - Did I say that the springs work really well?

Jim Sharkey

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