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Default RV-8 Panels

Below are some views of my almost completed RV-8 Panel. The only item not accounted for is an AOA LED display that will be mounted on the glare shield.

I spent a lot of time sitting in the cockpit with mock ups and going through various scenarios such as take off, landing, EFIS/radio management. My first goal was to minimize hand and head movement. My second goal to have a balanced panel. I.E. symmetical placement of items. Of course it had to look good too!

After taking these pictures I ended up placing a switch guard around the external power switch on the bottom of the panel. My knee hit the switch a few times while getting into the cockpit. Keep this in mind when placing switches.

Left View

Right View

Rear View

Mike Draper
RV-8 N468RV (reserved)
Bridgewater, MA

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