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Default 35-ship Pilot Names

Well, the planning, practice, and execution of the 35-ship formation to honor Van's 35 anniversary of being at OSH is now history. Could not have happened without 35 pilots from the 4 corners of the country willing to take leave, use personal funds, submit to the discipline of formation flying, and work very hard at flying in a stressful environment. They did a great job. Here are their names by the designated 4-ship flight order.

1 Stu McCurdy (Falcon), RV8, Round Rock TX
2 Bill Gunn (Gunnbody), RV-4, Austin TX
3 Steve Richmond (Lizard), RV-6A, Corsicana TX
4 Roy Geer (Jarhead), RV-6, Hicks Field, Ft Worth TX

1 Lowell Lemay (Pfantom), RV-7, Round Rock TX
2 Rusty Williams (Rooster), RV-7A, Grande Prairie TX
3 Brad Peacock (Wingnut), RV-4, Corona CA
4 Dave Klages (Hog), RV-8, Corona del Mar CA

1 Ken Harrill, RV-6, Columbia SC
2 Tad Sargent (Stripes), RV-7A,Davidson NC
3 Danny Kight (Speedy), RV-6, Anderson SC
4 James Clark, RV-6, Columbia SC

1 Gregg Wilson(Wizz), RV-4, Batavia OH
2 Bud Newhouse (Joker), RV-8, Cincinnati OH
3 Greg Reese (Greese), RV-8, Alexandria KY
4 Ron Geileghem, RV-8, Glendale OH

1 Mike Stewart (Kahuna), RV-8, Cumming GA
2 Jon Berndsen (Reno), RV-6, Cumming GA
3 Jerry Morris (Widget), RV-8, Dahlonega GA
4 Joe Blank, RV-6, Molalla OR

1 Dan Checkoway (Sharpie), RV-7, Chino Hills CA
2 Gary Sobek (Condor), RV-6, Manhatten Beach CA
3 Paul Rosales (Rosie), RV-6A, Rosamond CA
4 Scott Farner (Debris), RV-7A, Anaheim CA

1 Bob Goodman (Subob), RV-4, Atlanta GA
2 Trish Russell (Schoolmom), RV-6A, Redlands CA
3 Glen Miller (Dogg), RV-8, Gahanna OH
4 Luke Ellwood (Hooter), RV-4, Springboro OH

1 Don Pfeiffer (Taco), RV-8, Poplar Grove IL
2 Larry Dagley (Bones), RV-4, Crystal Lake IL
3 Bill Turner (Pappy), RV-8, Marengo IL
4 Brad Sharp (Dagger), RV-4, Casa Grande AZ

1 Mark Dulaney (Dula), RV-6A, Las Vegas NV
2 Glenn Smith (Taz), RV-8, Henderson NV
3 Mike Smith (KB), RV-6A, Henderson NV

35 RVs arrive at SQI for practice, 5 maintenance problems fixed, 35 planes takeoff Sunday afternoon and land as 4-ship echelons at OSH, 1 maintenance problem fixed, 35 RVs fly first performance, 2 maintenance problem solved, 35 RVs fly second performance. Some had doubts it could be done. Teamwork made it happen.

Congratulations and my compliments to all.
Stu McCurdy (Falcon)
RV-8, 78TX, Flying
Formation Flying, Inc (FFI)
Falcon Flight

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