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Default Son of Frankensnorkel, part 1

Following the ghastly (and very educational) experiments outlined above, I too felt the need to fix my ill-fitting snorkel. The stock fiberglass ended up too far forward and too far outboard for my intake ramps:

Very tight to the front edge:

Not centered on the ramp or the inlet:

Hanging loose over the edge:

So, using all the VAF smarts I could scrape from DanH's fantastic fiberglass tutorials and other franken-doers, I decided to build a custom flange for the filter (apparently, the -14 already has this). MDF and insulation foam, covered with thin epoxy, wax, and PVA:

After layup, unmolding, and digging out the pink foam:

Fits the filter perfectly!

Nicely fits over the intake end of the snorkel:

However, the position is still wrong .. it needs to move back and inward:

Ok, doctors, time to prep for the "cut":

... stay tuned for part 2 ...
Bill Bencze
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