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Default Alton Bay 2019

I went up north a while ago. On my way to Rangeley ME I decided to land on famous ice. It was windy and not many planes made it that day.

A Cirrus followed me and asked for a PIREP on the ground. It was so cross windy became a challenge to keep that approach speed stabilized.

I tried two times and gently planted the mains at the beginning of RWY 01 on third try. All fun started at the middle of the runway. Braking action almost zero. Rudder authority gone after the slowdown to taxi speed. Wind gusts tried hard to push me off but I resisted. At 3/4 of the runway remaining I quit, applied power and took off. So it was a Touch and Go. I relayed my experience to the Cirrus driver he did a low pass. In 10 minutes he returned for another attempt. No joy again but it was a lot of fun on the radio. I kept flying north there was another ice runway waiting for me.

See you next year Alton Bay!
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