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Originally Posted by ronschreck View Post
Wow, that's the third cracked canopy I have heard of this week! The bitter cold that has enveloped most of the nation this week is bringing a rash of troubles to many. My canopy cracked in September on a 75-degree day! I have installed a new canopy with Sikaflex and hope to never have to do it again. Just curious, has anyone ever heard of a Sikeflexed canopy cracking?
Yes, a sikaflex canopy cracked without a single hole in it.
Several years ago, on a very cold day, my canopy cracked while parked outside Jay Pratt's hanger. I was there to work on the RV-1 restoration. Extreme cold is not good for RV-8 canopies. During my search for a replacement Aero Plastics canopy an RVer from New Mexico contacted me and said his Sikaflex canopy cracked in his hanger on a cold night. He said no holes were drilled in it. So yes, it can happen!

The expansion rate of the canopy and the frame are very different. I tried something new on the replacement canopy. I drilled all the holes to 1/4 inch. I cut inserts for the canopy holes out of 1/4 outside diameter silicone model airplane fuel line. The inside diameter of the fuel line is 1/8 as are the rivets. Therefore, the canopy has a lot more room to expand or contract without loading itself against an attachment rivet. In addition, the silicone inserts cushion the rivets and canopy from each other.

Knock on wood......So far so good!
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