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Default +1 for Airflow System

I also have fitted the Airflow System.

My kit was purchased in late 2013 and I was one of the first to fit the larger Evaporator units that Bill now sells. ( flying since July 2014 )

My aircraft has now flown 2 x Australian summers ,I use it a lot and would install it again if I was building again.

The kit I installed uses the new Serpentine belt and new ( at the time ) compressor mount. The new mount allows you to mount the compressor lower down in the cowl to leave a largely unobstructed intake on the left side of the cowl with only minor modification to the cowl and the left hand front baffle. (This you have to figure out yourself )

After the first summer I found that although the Spall scroll fan could deliver enough cfm for the system,it could not flow this air with enough pressure into the Aerosport Roof Console. So I purchased and installed a 4" in-line duct fan to add to the Evap system. Very happy with this mod .

I also added the Aerosport Naca Vent valve to allow fresh air to the roof console when the A/C is off. Really like this feature.

The only problem I have had with the system is the idler pulley supplied with the kit threw most of its grease out in the first 25hrs on operation. I replaced that bearing with a high temperature bearing and at nearly 300 hrs,no problems. The Serpentine belts do not stretch much compared to the old V belts, I have not needed to adjust the belt at all since replacing the idler bearing ( 275hrs ago ).

My goal when I built the RV-10 was to have a modern comfortable aircraft that my wife and family would be happy to hop in all year round. The Airflow System A/C allows this in the hot and humid Australian summers.

I have flown many scenic flights at 1000ft during summer,it was a lot more enjoyable in an aircraft with A/C fitted .

Bill at Airflow Systems was very helpful with the many questions I had during the installation.

Some photos here :

Ashley Miller
RV-10 #40597
Airflow Systems Air-Con
VH-XTE 700hrs +
Photos :

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