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Originally Posted by Captain Avgas View Post
...At least the original poster had the common sense to ask the question and he should receive credit for that.

I have been impressed with the technical calibre of posts made by all the contributors to this thread and I'm confident the OP can now make an informed decision.
Gentlemen all,

I thank you all for the wealth of information and opinion. Many decades ago I was an engineer, but I think that only makes it dangerous for me to rely on my own analyses; thus the reason I asked the question here. The responses were exactly the kind of engineering discussion that is so informative on what might be perceived as an apparently trivial topic (nothing is trivial in aviation engineering!).

Jesse gets the credit for the optimal solution : Lockwood's web site shows that not only are they in stock, but they're much cheaper than LEAF's (except for the shipping fees.) Hopefully, I will have the best of both worlds: original specifications and timely availability.

In the event that they aren't shipped any time soon, I will wait until I find the original spec 8.8's.

thanks again for a lively discussion,
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