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dmaib 05-09-2013 07:50 AM

Bob Albrecht
I got some sad news last night. Bob Albrecht, from Lumberton, MS is a friend that I met through Pilots n Paws about three years ago. Bob is terminally ill with cancer. He is in hospice care and not expected to live more than a couple of weeks.
Bob and I met several times in Marianna, FL where he would hand off pups to me to continue their trip to new homes in Florida. I always looked forward to seeing Bob and his pretty yellow RV-6A filled with dogs and a smiling Bob.

Here is a December, 2010 photo of Bob with Eddie, the border collie, that was enroute to a training facility in Deland, FL that specialized in training border collies as seizure alert service dogs. Their specialty was vets with traumatic brain injury that were afflicted with seizures. As you can see, Bob had completely fallen for Eddie by the time they got to Marianna, and Eddie was reciprocating. By the time I got Eddie to Deland, I was in love with him too.

Bob is one of the "good guys" in my book, and this news breaks my heart.

panhandler1956 05-09-2013 11:52 AM

Condolences David.

dmaib 05-12-2013 04:07 AM

Bob Albrecht RIP
Bob's wife, Tammy Jo, reports that Bob passed away peacefully Friday morning, 5-10-13.
Bob was known as "rjaflys" on this forum.

Don 05-13-2013 08:53 AM

I never met Bob but anyone that flies PnP is a good guy in my book. Anyone that flies them in an RV and falls for one like that photo shows is a great guy. I'm convinced dogs go to heaven so Bob will have good company.

RV8_Cat1 05-13-2013 09:47 AM

Bob Albrecht RIP
I knew Bob personally. He was a very good friend of mine. I was with him till the end. He did go peacefully. Bob and I made many trips together. At first in his twin Comanche till he finally purchased his yellow RV. I was very fortunate to make a trip with him to deliver some puppies. It was something he really enjoyed. I will truly miss him.

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