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SPX 03-06-2020 04:45 PM

What did you do with your RV this Weekend (3/6 - 3/8)
Since I am often the starter of these threads, allow me to start this one on Friday rather than Saturday or Sunday...

Because of some pending rain, I opted to fly today. I hope to go to the Ice Cream Social in KIYK tomorrow, but it sounds like the ceilings may be too low. We'll see.

Sooo... I decided to go to Corona, CA (KAJO) for lunch today. It was a mediocre lunch, but a good excuse to fly anyhow. From there, I decided to go get some gas at Flabob (KRIR). Pretty quiet there, other than a Navion and a Pitts flying around. (BTW -- Does anyone know if the restaurant at Flabob is any good?) Fueled up, and headed back home.

Total was only about 1.2 hours of flying, but it was great to get the RV out. Hoping to get it out again tomorrow for KIYK, but seems unlikely based on the current forecast... :confused:

I hope that everyone has a great weekend of flying and building. Looking forward to hearing some updates!

74-07 03-06-2020 04:52 PM

This weekend
Sitting around watching proseal cure!

Sieldan 03-08-2020 12:08 PM

Started on practice kits after getting my emp kit inventoried. Got all of three holes drilled before getting toned out for a structure fire... Still, excited to get started!

Vlad 03-08-2020 12:46 PM

Brought oil temperature to 180F before wx hit my mountain.

0.4 capped slow 9 hour flying week :)

goatflieg 03-08-2020 02:09 PM

Made more progress on my custom snorkel intake.

zmatt 03-08-2020 03:10 PM

Flew into the OSU fly-in at KSWO, flew a bit of formation on the way home.

RV6_flyer 03-08-2020 04:38 PM

I connected the battery maintainer to my RV this weekend.

I am sick and was not able to fly in the beautiful weather that we had Sunday 03-08-2020.

Vlad 03-08-2020 05:31 PM


Originally Posted by RV6_flyer (Post 1413141)
I connected the battery maintainer to my RV this weekend.

I am sick and was not able to fly in the beautiful weather that we had Sunday 03-08-2020.

Get better Gary! When are you heading my way?

mchargmg 03-08-2020 06:28 PM

KAEJ for breakfast
Took a buddy of mine to Buena Vista for breakfast at the Roosters Crow. Great place. He flies C-17s for the AF, first time he had flown an RV. Grins all around.

RV6_flyer 03-08-2020 07:54 PM


Originally Posted by Vlad (Post 1413154)
Get better Gary! When are you heading my way?

I will be in KJAQ area 06 June for a wedding. TBD if I travel by RV or airline.

Ed_Wischmeyer 03-08-2020 08:58 PM

Flew some exercises for a video:
* Stalls in 45? bank with the recovery in that same bank;
* Slow Dutch rolls, 1?/sec roll rate on entry and exit -- really hard;
* Fast Dutch rolls
And some other stuff. Video looks good, will be used by an international magazine.

avrojockey 03-08-2020 09:18 PM

Panel Work
Installed wig-wag module for Flyleds and patched some old panel holes with a carbon fiber bezel around avionics stack.

N546RV 03-08-2020 10:14 PM

Cleaned all around it. In the three years we've been in our hangar home, we've let the hangar area get out of control. Been chipping away at this on the weekends for a while now, building new shelving, and now slowly going through all the junk. I think one or two more weekends and it's going to look like properly organized out there.

By then I'll have a new 4x8 work table built, at which point I can take the wings off their cart and start working on closing them up. Top skins have been on for a while (ie years), now that the fuselage is as done as it can be until I get lots of systems work done, it's time to get the wings wrapped up.

RV10Man 03-09-2020 05:47 AM

Riveted the sub panel in, and the aft rear top panel on.

RV8Squaz 03-09-2020 08:41 AM

I got to exercise my airplane a bit on Saturday. I hadn’t flown my RV in over three weeks due to work, weather, vacation, and messing with the Bonanza some. I flew south about 30 miles, got some cheap AVGAS @ $3.65/g and did some aerobatics on the way back. G tolerance was down so I kept it under 4g.

Not RV related, but took the Bonanza up to Chilhowee so that my son could exercise his recently acquired Private Pilot Glider rating. He took me up for a ride and then took Momma. Pretty weird and cool to be flying in an aircraft with my son that I’m not qualified to fly!

pazmanyflyer 03-09-2020 09:32 AM

Started the dirty job of sealing the air gaps at the inter-baffles. Looking to finish the FWF in the next few weeks.

Gash 03-09-2020 04:33 PM

I really like the Permatex Ultra Black. I've used it for gap sealing lots of high heat areas. One tip that could be useful for you: If you dip your finger in water (or spit on your finger), you can smooth the Ultra Black into a nice even fillet. This doesn't make my gap seals any better; it just satisfies my inner OCD. ;)

Roy Thoma 03-10-2020 07:58 PM

We flew just under a thousand NM for the "weekend".

We left Houston KDWH Thursday (3/5) mid day and flew to Aero Country (T31). Overnight stop to pick up gear and short visit with Taco and Cannon.

Friday another short hop to North Little Rock to have dinner with Slats. Bill, Sandy and I went to Doe's and shared a 3lb steak. YUM.

N174RT in Bill's hangar. THANKS.

Sandy enjoying the last of the steak. Hard to tell that the bone is at least 2" thick.

I've done some "gaggle" flying but I'm not trained for formation flying, so N174RT was tail end Charlie (about 1/2 mile in trail) for a flight of 5 RV's from KORK to Morrilton (KBDQ) for Saturday morning breakfast hosted by EAA 1590.
Runup complete:

Breakfast Hangar:

We topped the fuel tanks in KBDQ and headed to Gallatin TN to visit my first cousin and her husband.
Sunrise in Gallatin:

We tentatively planned to fly to East Tennessee on Sunday but did not plan well for renting a car. We like to fly in and out of Knoxville Downtown Island (KDKX) and discovered (AGAIN) that except for McGee Tyson the rental car companies close early on Saturday and are closed on Sunday. SOOO, we flew to Tullahoma TN, borrowed the courtesy car and went to Lynchburg for a tour and tasting at Jack Daniels.

Sunset in Tullahoma:

Monday morning we flew from Tullahoma to Knoxville Downtown Island where our rental car was waiting for us. No more flying planned for the next week, in part due to weather and in part to visit friends and family.


Vlad 03-10-2020 08:58 PM


Originally Posted by Roy Thoma (Post 1413679)
We flew just under a thousand NM for the "weekend".


I am jealous. You guys cover good grounds. Let me know when you are heading toward my mountain.

219PB 03-11-2020 07:13 AM

Flew 521NM non stop from VCT (Victoria, TX) to ELP (El Paso, TX) to see my son and his family. He is a Chinook pilot in the Army. This was my first long trip in the RV-6A. The trip took 3.5 hours and burned 25.6 gallons. I still had 12.4 gallons of fuel left in the tank when I arrived. This aircraft has got some legs. Very thrilled with its performance and looking forward to longer flights.

El Paso approach had me following a commercial jet for a #2 slot for landing and asked me to slow down to 150 knots. Never had that happen to me when I used to fly my Cessna.

Jim Frisbie 03-11-2020 11:20 PM

We look forward to hearing all about your travels when you get back to Oregon!
Jim Frisbie

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