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Craw 12-07-2021 12:43 PM

IO-360 Heat Muff Question
Good Afternoon All,
I'm currently planning on installing an IO-360-A1B6 in my RV-7A and would like to install two heat muffs. I'm wondering if anyone has already installed this configuration and has any pictures or gotchas to share based on experience.

The ideal scenario for me would be a vetterman 2-1 exhaust and 1 heat muff each side, however, I don't know if enough room exists to support this setup.

The winters in Canada are pretty cold so I think two heat muffs are a must for me (already going with heated seats).


upperdeck 12-07-2021 02:13 PM

I have this setup with two heat muff run in series. I'm happy with the temp of the heat output, but the volume is a bit anemic.

Craw 12-07-2021 02:18 PM

When you say "run in series" do you mean the output of the first heat muff flows into the input of the second heat muff and then into the cabin? If you have a picture of the firewall forward config I would love to see it.

Thanks again for your feedback

rapid_ascent 12-07-2021 03:03 PM

The "In series" is an electrical term but yes that would mean the output of one running to the input of the second.

I believe you should be fine with this configuration. You should reach out to Vetterman to confirm though. They seem to have a pretty good handle on all the different engine configurations and exhaust systems that work with them.

upperdeck 12-07-2021 03:19 PM

that's exactly what I meant by "in series." There's plenty of room to route the hoses around.

I also went with heated seats and love them!

Darin Watson 12-07-2021 03:46 PM

Also run 2 in series
2 Attachment(s)
Two in series with six rows of “fins”…about as good as it gets:)

Dave S 12-07-2021 06:43 PM


Where did you come up with the fins? I have a -7 with the Vetterman exhaust. Not quit as cold as you, but still gets chilly down south here in Minnesota. Seems like might be a great idea to add to mine while I'm still in the installation process.

would mind sharing the plans?


agent4573 12-10-2021 01:14 PM


Originally Posted by Darin Watson (Post 1573767)
Two in series with six rows of “fins”…about as good as it gets:)

There's 7 rows of fins though.....

Darin Watson 12-11-2021 08:21 PM

Will look for plans
I will have to dig for the plans, having the laser cut pieces were fairly in expensive.

I know the photo shows 7 rows as I was playing around with the volume vs temperature trade offs and ended with 6 per muff.

SonexGuy 12-11-2021 08:35 PM

I used 2 of these in line and they work well. Certainly better than my few custom attempts over a couple of years. The restrictors allow you to vary air flow to find what works for your setup.

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