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roadrunner20 01-19-2017 06:06 PM


Originally Posted by Wiley (Post 1143293)
Enjoyed the story.
Having seen a number of dog passengers on the forums over the past several years, how do they handle the noise level? Any problems with a frequent flyer dog? I've always wanted to get my dog in the air but have been hesitant. I considered the dog muffs but the odd shape of a bulldog's head may not be amenable to a muff.

On my PNP missions, no headset, but I've found the dogs settle down after 10-15 minutes.
With My frequent flyer dog, Dixie, I use mutt muffs. She tried taking them off initially, but felt more comfortable with them on.

jeffkersey 01-20-2017 08:25 AM

Nice Work!
Great Report. I hope I can do something so nice sometime.

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