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MacCool 04-04-2021 01:40 PM

Central Minnesota - need Advanced Flight 5000 series tutorial
Any pilots in Minnesota with expertise with Advanced Flight Systems EFIS's and can provide some level of tutorial? I have a new AFS 5400 that I installed and I'm struggling a bit sorting out the various features.

mikerkba 04-05-2021 09:06 AM

online guides and some videos
There are installation and pilot guides (and one for the Advanced Control Module, if you used it as I did) online at Advanced Flight's website. They are very thorough, and sometimes take some digging (or use of ctrl-F) to find what you need. But, I always find some info relevant to my questions there. With the various combinations of systems (e.g. which IFR navigator you have, if any, and with or without autopilots, etc.) its hard to have every answer in there, but usually you can figure it out. I see you have a Garmin GPS, and I have an Avidyne.

AFS/Rob Hickman have youtube videos that help with actual inflight operations too, but they move kind of fast, so you might have to run them twice to see what they do to set up and execute certain functions. You can find the AFS channel with several videos made by Rob in the RV-10. If you use FB, look for the Advanced Flight Systems page, where many of the videos are linked for ease of finding specific topics.

Lastly, the AFS office is great with technical support -- usually one call gets the answer. I try to use that AFTER my own research above to minimize use for questions that are already answered in YouTube or the manuals. Some tech questions go to Dynon tech support, others go directly to Rob.

Also, some questions can be answered here if you can post specific ones.

Best wishes with your AFS system. I have used them in several planes and think they are great systems with huge capability and intuitive pilot interface.

Jpm757 04-06-2021 07:42 AM

AFS Forums has good info.

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