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petehowell 06-02-2019 04:47 PM

Bowstring RAF Work Party
The RAF adopted the beautiful grass strip up in Bowstring about an hour north of Minne and has been helping make improvements over the past year. This weekend they had a work party to install some campsites and an outhouse in the woods. I was only up for a few hours on Sunday, but the crew this weekend got a lot done and Bowstring should be on your visit list!

It would be a great stop on the way into Oshkosh if you are coming from the Northwest- camping, courtesy car, and great scenery. Many thanks to to the great guys who did all the work this weekend, led by The RAF Minnesota Liaison Kurt Pennuto and the Bowstring airport manager Ken Reichert!!

Moxie the Boxie ably served as co-pilot on the way up - she handled the radios.

We stayed low due to the headwinds, and the countryside was green!

Mox and I landed at Bowstring and checked out the progress...

A campground in the woods!

Firepits and Picnic tables with tent pads - very nice!

Outhouse too!

Ken the airport manager grilled brats and burgers for lunch

Moxie guarded lunch and graded landings.......

It's a beautiful place, now with camping!

Here is a video of my taxi and takeoff on the trip home.

Mox was tuckered out - I had to run radios on the way home....

AlexPeterson 06-02-2019 08:37 PM

Nice pics, Pete! I haven't been to Bowstring in a looooong time, I'm over due.

bweiss 06-04-2019 03:56 PM

super co-pilot
Sometimes I am amazed that my co-pilot is able to land the plane better than I can. Looked like a super effort by the crew up there and all had a good time.

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