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Flying Canuck 02-15-2021 09:02 AM

Flying ILS with GPS waypoints
I'm on the final stages of equipping my 9A for IFR. I have the following (relevant) equipment.
Dynon SkyView HDX 1100
Garmin GPS 175 navigator
MGL N16 with Razor control head

I have just started an IFR ground school (Canada, and saw that there are some ILS installations that require GNSS for some or all of the approach waypoints or fixes - including the FAF. Enough background, my question is really targeted at using the HDX HSI and other information blocks.

If I am on glideslope and on localizer, and I have my NAV radio set as source so that I can see my approach on the HSI, is there any way to show GPS waypoints and distances to them on the HDX? I know I can load the approach on the GPS 175 and it will follow along, but just curious if anyone knows a way to show it on the HDX.

N402RH 02-15-2021 12:07 PM

The HDX flight plan and waypoint info will be coming from the GPS-175. Assuming the MGL NAV radio is sending data in Garmin SL30 or GNC255 data format the HDX CDI should show the ILS data.

The IFR workload would be a lot easier with a GPS Navigator, Avidyne IFD440 or Garmin GTN-650. With the IFD in my RV-10 I enter the flight plan and select the ILS approach. The IFD will automatically load the correct ILS frequency into the nav radio side, listen to the Morse code to ID the station and then automatically switch the CDI from GPS to NAV at the correct point. If you go missed the IFD will then automatically switch back to GPS and fly the missed approach procedure.

It is my understanding to fly IFR in Canada you need to have two independent certified Nav sources, the current RV-14 panel we are working on has an IFD-540 and a SL30.

Rob Hickman
N402RH RV-10
Advanced Flight Systems - Dynon Avionics

BobTurner 02-15-2021 12:35 PM

Answer is yes.
1. Select your nav (ILS) as primary data source for your HSI
2. Select gps as secondary source. GPS data will be displayed as an RMI needle superimposed on the HSI, pointing to the gps waypoint. Distance to that waypoint is displayed just to the side of the HSI.
GPS waypoints are also on the moving map. I find it easiest to use the map for waypoints that overlie the localizer; the rmi for bearings to waypoints that are off the localizer (like a radial off a distant vor).
I should mention that I actually have a GRT Hx, but I think the Dynon works similarly. Itís in the Dynon manual.

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