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FlyinTiger 09-12-2021 05:15 PM

Worth doing it right
Please get proper aerobatic instruction.

1. Get with an instructor that has the proper equipment. You must wear parachutes when other than solo.

2. Flying with an instructor in an aircraft suited for instruction is key. There's a lot more to flying aerobatics than the "gentleman's aerobatics" we do in RVs.

3. Learn what to do when things don't go as planned. Lots of great examples in previous posts. Hopefully nothing bad ever happens, but preparation is key.

4. Know what doing aerobatics can do to your RV. There's a couple Service Bulletins out there that have us check aileron hinge mounts and empenage mounts for abuse. Fixing these things can become expensive and time consuming, so know what you are getting into before doing lots of aerobatics in your RV. :cool:

drill_and_buck 09-12-2021 05:55 PM


Originally Posted by Vac (Post 1554903)
Why RV's accelerate so fast inverted, nose low:

Fly safe,


Great one-minute video Mike, it says it all and should be viewed by all RV pilots.

ronschreck 09-13-2021 07:00 AM

+1. Get the training!
Dylan, you sound like a very conservative pilot who is anxious to learn new tricks and that's great. The problem with just doing one G aileron rolls is that you will soon get comfortable with them and may start experimenting with other maneuvers like loops and hammerhead turns. Those can easily lead to an out of control situation which you are not trained to recognize or recover from. I would encourage EVERY pilot to get instruction in unusual attitude and spin recovery even if you have no intent to do aerobatics. The training just makes you a better pilot. Once you gain confidence with basic aerobatics you may just become hooked and anxious to explore the outer edges of the flight envelope. It's a wonderful place out there on the edges and aerobatics open up a whole new world of piloting that is the playground of some of the finest pilots you will ever know. Enjoy!

MikeyDale 09-14-2021 07:09 AM

Dan, you da MAN!......I hope that wasn't Scotch that you poured!

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