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Bob Kibby 10-29-2010 07:16 AM

iPad Removal
Wow, that looks great! Are you able to open the map box door with the iPad out of the cradle?

Bob Kibby "N712BK"

Rick of Austin 10-29-2010 09:27 AM

The Ipad looks excellent!
How does the Ipad connect? is it able to access the web while flying or is it acting as a MFD for the GPS? What type of apps do you need?
Sorry for the barrage of questions but I am considereing buying a 696 but this may be a MUCH less expensive option.
Plus my wife would like it!

Bruce Russell 10-29-2010 01:28 PM

Bob: the ram mount design has a quick release that allows you to swing it out of the way to open the glove box, but it does add an extra step to get to the fuses in case of emergency. I simply relocated the fuses to the position called out for in the dual display plans.

Rick: the iPad is not currently connected to anything. I plan on checking the pinouts in the intercom to run audio(itunes) into my headset. Power is currently via the standard plug with a usb adapter, but a hardwired plug is in the works to provide power with the cord stretching across the cockpit. The power is not really necessary as the iPad will run close to 8hrs on a charge if you turnoff the wifi and 3g antennas(not to be confused with airplane mode, which may or may not turn off the GPS antennae). I use flightcharts pro because it fits my mission as a chart replacement. The iPad GPS is great for SA but is not accurate enough for primary navigation. It is MUCH more economical than a 696. Lower initial cost and much cheaper to update. Downside is no weather, but it the perfect companion to my 496.

Peterk 10-29-2010 02:07 PM

IPad Weather

You want weather. Try the free App "My Radar".

Bruce Russell 10-29-2010 03:05 PM


Originally Posted by Peterk (Post 480271)

You want weather. Try the free App "My Radar".

I can get weather on my iPad on the ground, but it is too hit or miss in the air to rely on.

David Paule 10-29-2010 06:13 PM

My iPad is the 3G version. It has very accurate GPS. Wi-fi data is not available in the air, and the 3G connection is location and altitude dependent. I don't count on it, in fact I don't use it. GPS is good anywhere I've been.

There is no GPS connection to an external unit or an external antenna. You can get a 12 V charger cable; the one I got has a 12 V socket built-in on it for an additional device.

The chart apps I use (SkyCharts Pro is my primary one, with Foreflight as a back-up) cache the charts and the airport data. They'll store more than that but that's all I need. Because they are cached, they are available in flight and the correct one is automatically and seamlessly displayed, without user input. Position of the aircraft is routinely perfect.

You can make routes with multiple turnpoints or stops. You can display the charts in portrait or landscape mode, zoom in and out, etc. I've gotta say that it's pretty neat to be able to see the whole route at once and then to zoom in enough to read the small chart print. I think you can have the direction or travel as "up" but it's still a sectional chart and the text orientation doesn't change.

The iPad is heat-sensitive and can overheat in direct sunlight. When that happens it shuts down. You can restart it when it's cooled down. No damage, just the outage.

The iPad itself is very slippery. I bought an after-market "grip" that's a slip-cover for the sides and back. Works great except probably makes mine more likely to overheat.

I've had it to about 14,800 feet, no problems.

There are threads on VAF for the iPad and some of the apps. You can search for them. Sorry for blathering on, but I wanted to provide a summary of the thing as a pilot aid.

clucier 10-29-2010 07:56 PM

I bought the Griffin Airstrap Case for the Ipad and used a Piece of 3" wide elastic as a strap makes a great kneeboard.

HSANTIBANEZ 10-30-2010 06:37 AM

Glare problems
How don you manage the glare problem, in sun light the iPad is unreadable :mad:

Peterk 10-30-2010 09:29 AM


Originally Posted by HSANTIBANEZ (Post 480435)
How don you manage the glare problem, in sun light the iPad is unreadable :mad:

it is what it is. makes for a great chart replacement...not to be used in place of a 496 etc.

7pilot 10-30-2010 11:09 AM

This may be getting too far off topic as we continue to discuss the use of the ipad ... however, I have flown for about a month now with my ipad in all conditions. I have a case that looks like a notebook for it and most of the time in flight it is closed. My question to all of you, and there have been many, that discuss or complain about glare, is how do you use your paper charts? I have never kept them open at all times, but referred to them as I needed them. I use the ipad the same way. I have found with the shade over my head when it is sunny, and the ipad in my lap, I can easily read it. When I get to the point of needing more frequent reference to the charts, it is typically because I am IFR and rarely do I have a problem with glare at that time. It is a bit bright when I am flying at night, even with it turned down all the way, but then my case comes in real handy as I just close the case and keep it on my lap or in the seat next to me.

I have also never had it shut down on me from heat, maybe because my case keeps it out of direct sunlight - which seems to be more of an issue than hear from all else I have read.

BTW - I am also using Skycharts Pro and it is working great for me. I especially like being able to transition over to an IFR chart when the weather turns ugly and just press right on - much faster than any paper chart ever was. Have you looked at the Jeppesen subscription price for the whole US? You could buy the ipad for that price AND have the subscription to Skycharts Pro and Foreflight with all VFR, TAC, IFR, Approach Plates, and AFDs.

I don't leave home without it!

Of course, ymmv.:cool:

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