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bobnoffs 10-07-2021 05:14 PM

need airspeed indicator
5 yrs ago i bought a falcon asi for use as a backup from aircraft spruce. i am done building and ready for inspection. today i noticed my asi read 50 mph.i know it can't go that fast in the hangar. a call to falcon and i was informed the diaphragm was blown and repair would cost as much as a new unit. the topic that the diaphragm might have been defective was never offered. i, like everyone else on this forum knows that any air introduced into an instrument can ruin it. i would never have done that. anyway.............does anyone have a used 31/8 instrument they would like to sell? it's for a 12.

Fracrat 10-08-2021 08:19 AM

Good morning, I have a falcon gauge asi208mn-3. Came out of my Rv-9a when I did an upgrade. Knots are inside the outer ring which shows mph. $50 plus shipping and it’s yours. Was working when I removed it.

P.s. I’ll send it to you first for inspection and total charges.

bobnoffs 10-08-2021 01:33 PM

i will take it. thanks.
my address is 8741 west squaw lake rd., lac du flambeau, wi -54538.

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