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FlyinTiger 02-15-2021 07:54 PM

Fun overnight at SC55 - March 26 and 27, 2021
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Looking to stir the pot a bit and get some folks out to a fun destination in South Carolina.

Broxton Bridge Plantation - SC55 - South Carolina

My wife and I will be there on Friday evening, staying the night in one of the houses on the Broxton Bridge Plantation. We will be sitting around the camp fire and look forward to spending time with some aviation friends, and making more.

RSVP via private message.

Landing fee $20 donation, covers lunch for you and your guest.

Camping Friday night, bring your own food/beverages. Or just come out Saturday for lunch.

Lunch is served Saturday morning, 11 am through about 1 pm or when we run out of food in the afternoon.

Well maintained grass strip, 2600 feet, Rwys 01/19.

CTAF: 122.9. Look for a golf cart to follow for parking, get a ride back to the kitchen for lunch.

Activities. Other than lunch there's a bass pond for fishing, pistol shooting range, skeet shooting range and lots of shade trees for hanging out and talking with new friends.

I'm going to drive out to bring all the food, drinks and supplies to support the lunch. I've got a couple rooms reserved and will be bringing my family, fishing poles, chocolate lab, and some food for Friday night around the camp fire.

Check your favorite information source to find more informtation on the runway or if you want to stay the night, call Jerry Varn, the owner/operator.

We will be providing home made sloppy Joes, crock pot mac & cheese, a veggie platter, a variety of beverages (sodas, water).

To make sure we prepare enough food in the kitchen there at the B&B we will need an RSVP. We have plenty of parking for lots of planes, plenty of seating inside and outside, we just don't want to run out of food.

Send me a note via private message if you plan to attend so I can keep track of how many are coming from this forum. There are others who have been invited from other groups too! The purpose of this fly out is to encourage aviators in the South East to share a new experience in light of all the cancellations of fly outs, airshows, etc going on.

donaziza 02-15-2021 08:45 PM

Gil, PM sent

FlyinTiger 02-16-2021 07:37 AM

Wild life on the plantation
Questions are coming in regarding the wild life in the South Carolina "low country." As with any rural location, it is important that we all keep an eye out for animals crossing a grass runway or around the plantation. It is a farm environment with horses, dogs and deer.

Alligators. I called the property owner and asked him about alligators. He assured me there aren't any in the fishing pond that it adjacent to the runway. Lots of bass though! You can keep what you catch and cook them up if you'd like too.

As always, at any airport that is rural or urban, keep your eyes open and be watching for potential hazards. This often goes without saying, but if you have questions, please ask.

When coming in after landing look for a golf cart with a volunteer wearing a safety vest. I know this kind of fly out may be new to many here, but I think it can be done safely we can all have a lot of fun at the same time.

Keep the questions coming! Send a private message or post here.

FlyinTiger 02-18-2021 04:44 PM

Camping and B&B rooms

Several people have reserved rooms at the B&B, and there are several rooms available. Some are staying Friday night, and one couple staying Saturday night.

If you think you might camp or stay the night it is worth noting that in your RSVP. Reserving a room is best done sooner than later. Ask Jerry Varn about a weather cancel refund when you call to talk with him about a room.

I look forward to hearing from more of you. We cooked the food as a trial run to make sure we had a handle on scaling of the recipe as the group grows so we bring the right ingredients. It turned out EXCELLENT.

It's all going to be cooked fresh from ingredients bought on the way down to Broxton Bridge. If you have other dietary needs but want to fly in, please bring what you need and join us with your own provisions.

FlyinTiger 03-08-2021 12:19 PM

RSVP if you're sure you'll be there
Hello again! We are in March and doing the final stages of planning for the Broxton Bridge camping trip and lunch meeting.

Lunch will be at 11 am on Saturday. If you'd like to stay the night before please coordinate ahead of time and are welcome to camp.

Bring a fishing pole and a friend. After landing to the North look for a golf cart and parking attendant wearing a yellow vest over by the pond on the left.

I recommend a donation of $20 per aircraft to cover the homecooked food and drinks provided. Bring a friend and that makes it only $10 for each of you.

See you soon!

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