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Steve Melton 10-25-2021 09:05 PM

found on the web. I can modify it to the size I need and do some testing. printing this version now.

good input from Rocky about the cleats. thank you.

David Paule 10-25-2021 09:31 PM

These jam cleats are really great for holding too tightly to a line and refusing to let it go when you want it to. I wouldn't consider using one and as for making one when they are so readily available? Not a chance.

The cam cleats such as rockwoodrv9 suggested are much superior. They are also easy to get and so easy to use. Both types of cleat are available from marine supply stores. See for example this page or this one. Harken is another good brand.


Steve Melton 10-25-2021 09:41 PM

the load is very low for this, it's just dragging a chock around.

do clam cleats work when rotated 90 deg. to the optimal orientation? space limitation.

the question is, does it even work? this one is designed for 3mm cord. too small for my use but good for a test.

Steve Melton 10-26-2021 07:21 AM

internal rope clamp
what about an internal spring loaded bar rope clamp? ice could possibly freeze it.

when not in use, there would only be a handle of some kind sticking out.

strength of the chock can be maintained with this internal feature.

rockwoodrv9 10-26-2021 07:53 AM

Im guessing that if ice is freezing the rope catch, there may be ice on your wings too. I think for wheel chocks anything that keeps them snug and as simple as you can get would be fine.

Steve Melton 10-28-2021 07:47 AM

wheel chock rope clamp
a concept for the small nose wheel chock. I have no idea of the optimal rope contact clamp geometry. at this point I am just trying to bend the rope. the plan is to use 5/16 cord (7mm) for these. I'll probably use a polycarbonate material for the actuator and recess the pin further with an elongated hook spring. overall, a very simple arrangement. the challenge is to ease the actuation with the fingers and have a strong rope grip.

Steve Melton 10-29-2021 10:44 AM

wheel chock rope clamp
squeezing it into a small space. the mechanized wheel chock. it's crazy.

Steve Melton 10-29-2021 08:06 PM

Cowl inlet air dams
I taped my oil cooler and installed the small cowl inlet air dams. Comparing the data to my last flight, same altitude and power but slightly cooler OAT with the Winter config. I think blocking my oil cooler may have resulted in more cooling to the cylinders. when it becomes really cold I install the wider air dams.

the third Winter season for these air dams. they just keep going.

Before oil cooler tape and cowl inlet air dams:
OAT = 8C
Altitude = 3700 ft
Manifold pressure - 21.1
Prop RPM = 2375
Oil pressure = 64 psi
Oil temp = 158F
KTAS = 141 kts

1 325 1281
2 325 1283
3 333 1293
4 331 1273

After oil cooler tape and cowl inlet air dams:
OAT = 6C
Altitude = 3700 ft
Manifold pressure - 21.1
Prop RPM = 2375
Oil pressure = 64 psi
Oil temp = 189F
KTAS = 143 kts

1 310 1267
2 314 1285
3 322 1285
4 322 1253


over the last 1000 hrs I seem to have lost 1 psi oil pressure. down from 65 to 64 psi.

Steve Melton 10-29-2021 08:27 PM

wheel chock rope clamp
some testing for these wheel chocks with the new rope clamp. I am using a slick .25 inch nylon rope. pull the rope tight and drop it in the clamp. the rope was very easy to drop in and clamp. the plane was very secure in the fore and aft motion. then I installed the tow bar and cycled to full deflection in both directions 10 times. the chocks move with the wheel and are secure in all deflected positions. to release the clamp pull the rope upwards and it releases easily. the whole thing was just so easy. does this mean I no longer need to chock the mains? I don't know. preparing for a Kansas trip in a couple weeks to do some wind testing. I plan to do some simple testing for clamp grip strength to at least gain some understand for rope size and type. this is one of the times I did something and was blown away by the results.

I need to have a frozen pizza party at my hangar and demonstrate this mechanized wheel chock to my neighbors.


pull the rope upwards and it releases. I may need to write an operators training manual for this part.

Vlad 10-30-2021 08:27 AM

That's a nice one Steve! That might still stay on the same spot when snow melts from the tail :D

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