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Snowflake 07-12-2021 09:57 PM

Hmm... That's clever. Now you've got me thinking about whether my -6 would fit nose-first into my hangar... I'll have to measure next time i'm out there...

jliltd 07-13-2021 06:21 AM

Neat idea. If actually doing an engine swap nosed in you had better make sure your engine stand, cherry picker and tool box are all underneath the loft prior to pulling in the airplane to commit to the project. And make sure any helpers are skinny enough to squeeze between the wing leading edge and the T-wall. If the engine is being shipped make sure you have a way to safely lift and move the engine above the airframe to get towards the door for crating. This could be mitigated if the airframe is movable -- depending on whether it was left on a tail stand or has cinder blocks, sand bags or other counterweights hung from the engine mount to balance it enough to keep it on the nose wheel so it can be safely moved. If the counterweight is too light or no tail stand is used the aircraft could try to fall back and the rudder would impact a closed hangar door.

Just some random thoughts there.

Steve Melton 07-13-2021 06:36 AM

yep, and you really want to have 1 foot of clearance minimum from the hangar (or other planes) to all plane surfaces. if you don't you will bump something, sometime, guaranteed. this was a fit check to understand the dimensions.

I enjoyed working on the engine in this orientation with more light. 18 months since a mag timing check. the left mag had advanced one degree from 25 to 26. the right mag was 25. I adjusted the left mag so both were set to 25 degree. I cleaned the spark plugs, lubed the exhaust ball joints, applied some AT-205 to the rubber intake tubes with a syringe. I also reapplied some white vinyl tape to the canopy hinge. ready for Oshkosh. this is the orientation I will use for all future engine work.

turn the "beast" around....

Steve Melton 07-17-2021 01:48 PM

gust lock
after 3yrs of good use I noticed a crack on one side of my ASA material elevator gust locks in the web. these gust locks have been exposed to a lot of Kansas winds and helicopter gusts (next door) and some experiments I was doing with rope tightening gadgets. I updated my analysis to understand this condition better. there is a stress area on the outside lower edge that is in bending and tension. this region is a good indicator and creates a fail-safe region that allows to the gust lock to continue to operate even if it is cracked. I do not know how long it would continue to operate with a crack.

I wanted to increase the life of this part so I decided to use a new polycarbonate blended material on the market that has increased strength, deformation capability and impact resistance. when all of these material properties increase the part will be both stronger and tougher. polycarbonates.... looking good so far. needs to be tested in the field. I'll have it installed at Oshkosh.

Steve Melton 07-21-2021 11:44 AM

Polycarb gust locks
polycarb test prints sent to the field. no complaints but I thought I would test print on parts someone could use. these parts are translucent. annealed to remove any residual stress.

Steve Melton 08-01-2021 08:58 PM

the future
3 young guys behind me at HBC driving RV-4s. it made me want to get one.

a couple of the guys bugged out locally for the Wednesday weather and then were back the next day. they packed up and were rolling within 20 minutes, I timed it. I can't do that.

Steve Melton 08-01-2021 09:17 PM

polycarb elevator gust locks
polycarb elevator gust locks were fine in the Oshkosh Wednesday storm. someone mentioned it was 45 kt winds. if so, that really wasn't much of a test for these. I wasn't concerned for the gust locks but rather for my tent. I didn't get a drop of water in my tent.

Steve Melton 08-07-2021 05:20 PM

loft curtain functional test
the curtain is too small but I can fix that. 2 inch curtain rings on 1.25 inch dia pipe is very easy to pull. it passed the test. the final curtain will be 3 inches from the floor. good seal at the curtain and the beam for the cold Winter months. where's my sewing machine?

Steve Melton 08-10-2021 10:22 AM

Polycarb elevator gust locks - black
Black polycarb is not as translucent as the red. annealed to remove any residual stress.

Steve Melton 08-11-2021 06:26 PM

shelf coaster - working well
these make sliding shelving racks around in the loft very easy. easy to print. get an exact fit. a good beginner project if you have a printer. I don't know why little widgets like this make me happy... they just do.


curtains. I need to repair my sewing machine and then sew the patch on the bottom. I think I will like it in the Winter time. It's thin ligh weight microfiber material.

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