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RV-4 05-08-2020 12:07 PM

Dynon Intercom Installation
Good day All

I'm in the process of installing a Dynon Intercom and so far after a first power up it is working as advertise except for a minor point and I'm wondering if any of you guys had this problem before..

The Intercom works when I'm talking to my psgr but when transmitting to ATC for example I don't have any sidetone ...

It is hooked up to a Garmin SL-30 and I already increased the sidetone in the radio but I still can't hear myself talking when transmitting...

I think that I installed the pins the right way but I've been wrong before..

If you can provide any info, I will appreciate it.



Pdtofly 05-08-2020 10:35 PM

Check your PTT lines

Check you PTT lines. The intercom box isolates the mics, so if you on intercom, it would work normal, but if the PTT lines were reversed, when you key the radio, it would key the radio, but the mic audio would not be the correct one, and you would not have any mic audio going to the radio, so no sidetone.

Radio Push-to-Talk (PTT) Behavior and Priority

When the pilot or co-pilot presses their PTT switch, only the person pressing their PTT is heard over the radio.

If the pilot and co-pilot PTT buttons are both depressed, the pilot PTT takes priority. Only the pilot’s voice is transmitted over the radio. Additionally, the pilot PTT will take priority from the co-pilot even if the co-pilot PTT is already depressed.


RV-4 05-08-2020 11:24 PM

Dynon Intercom
Hi Brian

Thanks for the reply.

Ok I'll check the connection again but here how it is connected right now..

Pilot PTT is connected to Pin 10 of the Intercom

Pilot Audio Mic to Pin: 23

Copilot PTT to Pin:16

Copilot Audio Mic to Pin: 3

It is possible that I may have reverse the connection..

The rest of Intercom function appears to work ok as far as I know..

I'll have a look next time I'm at the hangar which will be in a few days as we are freezing here right now...

It was snowing today and temp were around 30 degrees...Kind of coolish even by Canadian standard for this time of year.

I'll let you know how it goes..

Thanks again


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