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B25Flyer 12-24-2014 09:15 AM

Arinc-429 from D-100/HS-34 to G-430W
I am installing an ADS-B box in the Rocket and need Heading data in the to G-430W to display traffic on the -430.

When I first installed the HS-34 the -429 out to the -430 worked as it should and somewhere along the line it quit. I had no real need for that link so I while I double checked the wires and the configuration, I just let it go.

Now I need the link to work to make the traffic display on the G-430W work, and a first class avionics shop can't make it work.

Is anyone else able to get -429 info to a G-430 with Firmware ver 5.1 to work?

I have been talking with Dynon, and they don't have any real good answers, but it would be helpful to know that the HS-34 and Version 5.1 of the -430 are capable of reading -429 info into the -430.

Thanks in advance...

Doug Rozendaal

Radomir 12-24-2014 09:18 AM

Doug, didn't Garmin "fix" that problem in 5.2 so you do not need heading to display traffic.. I'd have to check that but pretty sure they did. Since 5.2 is out now, you may want to update your 430...

PS. needing heading input to display ADS-B traffic is crazy..

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