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Steve Crewdog 01-19-2022 12:36 PM

Dissimilar metal corrosion: avionics tray?
One of my local experts says I can't use nutplates on my 4043 aluminum avionics tray without powder coating it or I'm going to get dissimilar metal corrosion between the nutplates/cherrymax rivets/4043. Other areas of the SeaRey have nutplates riveted to the aluminum frame (6061T) with cherrymax rivets, so under his logic the build is already flawed in design.



bjdecker 01-19-2022 01:07 PM

Here's an article on galvanic corrosion -- good read...

Additionally, plate nuts are usually passivated in some way, either via phosphoric acid etch, molybdenum coating, cadmium plating, etc. so they aren't conductive like bare metal.

Low Pass 01-19-2022 01:30 PM

You need an electrolyte for galvanic corrosion. I.e., dirty or salty water. If dry, you should have no problem.

Steve Crewdog 01-19-2022 01:34 PM

Thanks gents.

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