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Raleigh3athlete 06-01-2019 06:24 PM

Prospective RV owner new to Eglin
Hey folks,

Just recently moved to the Eglin area and based on my research, I'm looking to buy a nice second hand RV-4. (With plans to eventually build an RV-10 as a long term project)

Anyways, I haven't actually flown in an RV-4 and would like to compare the RV-4 and the RV-8 as I'm 6ft and 220 lbs.

If there is anyone close to Eglin/Crestview/Destin etc... that would be willing to show me around their RV-4 or RV-8 I would be greatly appreciative.

Willing to drive up to several hours if necessary.

Thanks for the help!


EV's RV6 11-22-2019 09:08 PM

My Son has an Rv-8 and I have an Rv-6 live on an airport AL17 SE of Birmingham not sure of the distance I am here most of the time you are welcome to come up and look at our RVs. There is another RV-6 also based here.

hpmicrowave 11-22-2019 11:12 PM

New to Eglin
Hi bill. Welcome. I live on Okaloosa Island (Eglin) and I'm building an RV8 at Baker Sky Ranch (18FD) about 25 miles N of Eglin (almost ready to fly). Anyway there are about 10 RV's at our grass strip including 1 RV4 and 2 RV8's. Your welcome to come visit and see what you think!! Our EAA chapter has at least 1 additional RV8A at Defuniak Springs. Send PM for additional info.


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