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Taltruda 05-22-2021 12:25 AM


Originally Posted by Vfr1200 (Post 1527360)
I have the Ezburr tools also ,,

I have often thought about the tool taking to much material out but as a new builder just used what was easy , I just hit the thin material quick and light , will try the scotchbrite method
I use a under sized bite for drilling then reamer bits for final size and holes are nice and tight sometimes when i deburr it opens holes to much ! Also use the reamer for match drilling

I love the Burr Away tool. . I don't use it on the .020 skins though. Yes it may cut too much. .you can adjust it though. Take an Alan key, and back off the tension. You also have to find drill speed that works for you. I prefer medium speed, light pressure, and the Alan key tension backed off to almost nothing.

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