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Staunch111 10-04-2021 01:39 AM

Newbie Question
So i drilled the 4 attach holes for the Horizontal stabiliser - HS-404, HS-702, the doubler and HS -0005. I have an old kit (ie: pre 2010) so installed the HS service bulletin and hence the doubler and HS-0005 rib (I decided not to use the old HS-405 rib and make scab flanges).

Anyway - the flange of the ribs of the ribs (HS-404 and HS-0005 are of different widths so when maintaining edge distance on HS-404 there is aboslutely no way of match drilling those holes into the centre of the flange for HS-0005 (they're pushed towards the web).

The right side is done. Where things went to **** is with the LHS.

I didn't pilot hole drill #40 HS -404 and went #30 (as a stand alone piece). I then put everyhting together and drilled the layup. The #30 drill wandered creating a figure 8 in one of the HS-404 holes but then perfectly though HS-702, the doubler and the HS-0005 rib.

Question - what do do with the oblong hole (with minimum edge distance) on HS-404.

1. Scab flange
2. Drill up to 3/16
3. When riveting add a piece of aluminium of similiar thickness to lay on top of HS-404 flange

NB: I hve no room to install a proper doubler.

Thanks for any advice

Bevan 10-04-2021 02:02 AM

Probably call Vans tech support in the morning. This is an important area.


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