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KRviator 06-17-2012 03:16 AM

KR's RV-9A
G'day all.

Since I've no idea what sort of intro is expected, here's a bunch of photos.

How to get your KRviatrix into the spirit of building, whether she likes it or not...Take over the loungeroom for 4 days while you inventory things you have never heard of...Note the empty baby bouncer. :eek:

By inserting rivet A into hole B enough times, you eventually end up with something that looks like this. Halfway through these iterations you get to drill out several dozen rivets because you forgot to take the blue plastic off the inside of the VS...:o

But you learn from your mistakes - sooner or later -and eventually you arrive with the HS looking something like:

TLAR....That looks about right

How to stop going back to the bench for each rivet.

Another way to keep the KRviatrix happy: Offer to babysit. Ensure your air compressor is turned off during the babysitting period. Don't ask me how I know. :o As above -you learn from your mistakes.

The first person ever to sit in my RV. Evil baby.

Annnd that's the end of my 10-image allowance, so, uhh, move on to the next post, eh?

KRviator 06-17-2012 03:18 AM

Slightly less evil baby.

My first attempt at an instrument panel.

What I actually want.

What I got CNC cut from Bill M. at Up North Aviation. No there's not a missing row of switches. I removed them while revisiting what I want. :D

How to make sure your KRviatrix stays interested inthe build process: Take over the dining room table to lay our your electrical schematic and build your DIY LED Nav lights.

Ta daa!

And your caution panel.

Yes that's a welding helmet. Yes, the LED's can break the tint on it.

KRviator 06-17-2012 03:20 AM

The VP-X Sport installed in the forward fuselage.

On the topic of the forward fuse, this ishow far inboard you have to move the F745 ribs to clear a pair of 10" Dynon's.

Still on the forward fuselage. See the rudder bearing block? See how it is up against the longeron gusset? Weeellllll, apparently it isn't supposed to be like that. There should be a minimum of 1" clearance there. How did I find that little tidbit out?? I tried to temp-fit the F601-K recess and it wouldn't. Oops.

According to Van's, there's no structural requirement for the F-601K recess, so lanky buggers can indeed get an extra inch of legroom if you need it. But that precludes the use of a rear-mounted prop governor, and probably requires longer rudder cable-to-pedal straps. Oh well. Given I've just "invested" in a "pre-loved" O-320-H2AD last week kind of negates the need for the recess in any event. So, that's how you turn an "oh ****" moment into a "meh" moment. :D

And finally, the supervisor skylarking instead of supervising... :D

KRviator 08-21-2012 01:41 AM

Yeah, that looks about right...:cool:

Testing magnetic interference from the seatbely cables and aligning the ADAHRS using a stringline. 3* from no seatbelt to seatbelt draped over the ADAHRS. Considering I'll be flying without the LHS shoulder harness for the first couple of hundred hours means it's close enough for RV work...;)

A mockup of my switch panel. The actual panel was CNC cut, so rest assured that bit of metal butchery isn't going to end up in the plane...:D

Setting up for The Big Cut

Almost there... Bearing in mind we're still in the middle of winter. And I did manage to get the thermometer to read about 110*F sitting on the canopy ducktail in the sun.

Annnnd after "The Big Cut" has been cut.

Mike S 08-21-2012 09:40 AM

Rob, great series of photos, and naration.

Thanks for sharing with us.

Jrskygod 08-22-2012 05:35 PM

Switches and audio panel - where did they come from?

KRviator 08-22-2012 07:44 PM

There's no audio panel as yet. I'm going to have my -9 registered as an ultralight (RAAus in Australia) initially so with a 1320lb MTOW I'm trying to keep things light. I've got a single Xcom VHF with the Dynon audio alerts being sent to the aux input on the radio. The beauty of this radio is it has an aux input, but also a decent intercom built in, in a package thats not that much bigger than a mobile phone of days gone by. When we can afford it (probably another 18 years when the kids leave home), we'll install the GMA340 I've got sitting around and go with whatever fancy IFR GPS is around.

The switches were from a company called Flightdeck solutions in Canada. They're designed for simulators only and they will not sell you any if you tell them they're going in a real plane. So don't tell... :D that being said, I had a custom PCB made up to better suit the operation of the switches with my VP-X. The green LEDs illuminate anytime battery power is available and the coloured ones designate circuit status. The R FUEL switch is upside down in relation to the push button element in the photo, it should read the same as L FUEL...

If you want to have a go at making your own, you can visit this blokes website where he details how to make them from scratch. I've used a similar method to him for my caution panel, 10x30mm acrylic blocks with 3x5mm LEDs in each. The text was achieved by printing on an overhead transparency twice and gluing them on, so if you do it that way, you can have any text, font or image you want. Paint the outside of each block black (at least 3 coats), sand off the paint on the front, glue them together into one big panel then glue the panel to a bit of angle to install in your panel.

KRviator 01-28-2014 01:47 AM

It's been near-on 18 months since I updated this 'ere thread and I reckon it's about time to show that there is indeed progress occurring in The Mancave. I actually thought I'd updated this late last year, but must've got my forums crossed somehow...

So...What has occurred in the last 18 or so months? That is the million dollar question...

My younger young bloke had his first birthday, work is taking on more people and I'm assuming more responsibilities there and renovations to the house are taking their toll on plane-building time.

However, that doesn't mean there's been no progress on my aluminium mistress. She now has an engine, a brand-new OX-340S instead of the old O-320-H2AD I had planned. The -340 is fitted with 2 P-Mag electronic ignitions firing 8 automotive plugs instead of normal aircraft sparkplugs, and a Rotec TBI throttle-body injector in place of a traditional carb. It's also been de-rated from 185HP to 165HP by the replacement of the standard 8.1:1 pistons with 7.2:1 pistons. This will allow the regular use of standard unleaded, well, premium unleaded anyway, Mogas fuel instead of Avgas, allowing around a 70cpl+ saving, a not-insignificant amount. Anything that makes flying cheaper means I can do more of it. This is especially important since the local airport has whacked on a $15/landing fee. With no daily rate!!!. So an hour of circuits at Warnervale will now cost around double the hourly cost of my RV. $150/hour in landing fees for circuits?!? FML.

The panel is more or less installed, though it comes and goes depending on I'm working on at the time, though it is now "permanently-temporarily" installed as I think I've finished the wiring.

The GPS antenna is installed on custom-made bracket above the baggage compartment and is connected to the EFIS, so I can see just where my mancave is on a map. The VHF radio is installed in the panel and the co-ax and antenna are installed. The SkyView system is wired to the Aux input on the Xcom so Bytching Betty does indeed have a whinge when I power-on the aircraft. Which, incidentally, doesn't let the smoke out - always a good thing.

A few months ago, I received the lithium battery, and that is installed, but not electrically connected yet. The fuel-flow sensor is mounted on the firewall, on a custom bracket, riveted where the brake line bracket would normally go on the LHS and all the engine sensors are connected to the EFIS, as are the P-Mag's. There are a couple of things to tidy up wiring-wise, but that's about it. The Fuel-flow sensor is downstream of the engine-driven fuel pump, so I shouldn't get the fluctuations other's report on running the electric pump. I hope.

Tom S. came up with a couple of custom-length firesleeved hoses, and Vans has delivered my new Sensenich ground-adjustable prop - and isn't it a work of art. IF the KRviatrix didn't scrutinise the credit-card statements, I'd order a second one just to hang on the wall. :eek:

The cowling is fitted, the baffles are installed, the plug leads are run, the alternator is installed on the vacuum drive. I'm using a PP FS-14B instead of a normal belt-driven model, in part to save weight and reduce complexity, but also simply because I don't need 60A capacity. And I don't think I ever will. The only thing you can truly never have too much of is beer.

These last few weeks have seen the tail mounted and the empennage fairings installed, the MLG wheelpants and fairings trimmed and installed, the canopy and struts installed and a good clean-out of those annoying aluminium shavings and dropped rivet mandrels allowed me to more or less close out the centre tunnel and seat pans.

So, here's some new and not-so-new photos of the build.

The new man-cave just after we moved house. You know you've got an understanding missus when part of your house-buying criteria is "can we fit an aeroplane in the back shed?" :D

The engine being assembled by ECI in the US.

Buy an ECI hat for $30,000 and get a free engine! An offer too good to refuse. :D

And hanging on the nose of the plane. A job that went surprisingly smoothly. 90 minutes by myself and it was done. 45 minutes for the first bolt, 15 minutes for each for the other 3. Big thanks to the future-ex-mother-in-law who was on baby-sitting duties while I was doing this.

The "squadron of paperclips method" was used to determine how much I need to trim from the engine baffles. Repeated several times...

Until you have a nice-fitting pink cowling. It will be painted, I'm not that in touch with my feminine side that I feel the need to fly around in a pink aeroplane.

KRviator 01-28-2014 02:06 AM

The Rotec TBI prior to installation. A very nice looking bit of kit.

The only complication with it is the mixture arm is left/right not inline with the aircraft centreline, so you need to come up with a bellcrank of some kind to translate the fore/aft travel of the mixture arm. Nothing a couple of hours of trial and error didn't fix. Well, that, and it is shorter than your typical carb, so your FAB no longer lines up nicely with the snorkel. Again, a few hours fibreglassing (yuck! Yuck! YUCK!!!) gave a new FAB that had a lower inlet.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, it's here!

OOhhh, pretty! Truly a work of art. I hope it performs as good as it looks!

Gotta start them young!

I don't think it's supposed to do that!!! Dad's gonna be pi$$ed!

The go-fast bits are installed. No intersection fairings yet though. I'm going to order them from The Mothership. No more fibreglass for me! Well, excluding the canopy skirt...

Just in case I forget if I safetied the brake bolts...I did... Well, on this side anyway!

A not-strictly-to-plans canopy lock rod. IT works, that's all I care!

kiwipete 01-28-2014 02:19 AM

Good progress.

I'd suggest some after market fairings instead of vans if you don't like Fiberglass work. Vans still require a lot of work. Either fairingsetc or rvbits.

Just looking at the safety wire the top bolt is quite secure and could come slightly loose. Better to go around to the other hole.



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