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petehowell 10-30-2010 09:16 PM

Double Duty
Wednesday morning it was snowing and blowing at 45 kts in Minneapolis. I thought Fall was over, but thankfully, I was wrong. Everything cleared out and the weekend has been just beautiful.

Andi and I were planning to head south for homecoming at Iowa State to see some old friends at the tailgates. Ames is great for this as airport is only a 10 min walk from Jack Trice Stadium and they recently built a walking path!

We arrived in Ames about 9:15 and enjoyed food, beverage and friends for about 3 hours, then hoofed it back to the airport and headed south right over Des Moines to Osceola, IA where a new buddy, Rambler, was waiting in a van. Rambler was a stray Boxer in Girard, KS and had been hit by a car, breaking his leg/and or pelvis. He is a real nice dog....

It was a bit of a challenge to get him in back, but he slid in and took a look around.

After takeoff, we never heard a peep from him until got bumpy over top of Minne International.

Gotta love direct routing thru the Bravo!

Great trip! Andi told me how much she loves the plane and all the fun things we have been doing with it!

Sorry for the lame pics - we forgot the camera and were using cell phones.

Ron Lee 10-30-2010 09:54 PM

How much did he weigh? I am limiting mine to around 35-40 pounds just due to the issues of safely getting them in and out of a slider and into a crate.

I am surprised that the in flight host/hostess did not cover him up. It is the little things that earn you the five star puppy transport ratings!

Of course I do not serve meals or beverages and I make some share a crate with others.

I just read the PNP listing. How did you manage getting him in with a possible bone injury?

petehowell 11-01-2010 07:26 AM


He was a tiny thing for a boxer, about 45 pounds. I had lots of help from the local airport crew, they were out test flying a Mooney Mite (cool plane). They helped me lift him in. The bone injury did not seem to bother him, other than walking on 3 legs. It was warm in the cockpit witht the sun shining - I doubt he would have kept the blanket on long!

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