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BealeStAviator 07-06-2022 06:26 PM

POH Template/Example
Hi all,

Bought my -8 a few years ago sans detailed AFM and I've decided to take on writing a a full AFM/POH either to the civil standard or like the USAF Tech Orders I'm used to. Seems like this comes up a lot but usually results in an e-mail off forum. Both here and Van's website only have MS Word docs for the 8A (and the link is dead anyway). So, would anyone be willing to share a Word (or Pages) Doc version I could start with and edit (or ripoff...) to suit my needs?

Much obliged!

rv8ch 07-06-2022 11:29 PM

Here is mine. All the hard work was done by another CH RV-8 builder that works for Pilatus, so he's seen a few of these AFMs. I simply modified some things that were different on my aircraft.

Let me know if there is any issue reading it, and of course I'm happy to get any suggestions or corrections.

emesa 10-27-2022 04:00 PM

I have one that I wrote for my -7 that I built. It's non-standard (like most of my life) but I like it. DM me if you still want it.

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