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vmirv8bldr 12-26-2011 11:06 PM

Control cable torque?
According to my chart, the proper torque value for the nuts that secure the mixture/throttle/prop control cables should be torqued in the 500 in-lb range. That value is understandable for a solid bolt/nut, but for a hollow tube? This seems high. I am curious if there is a different torque method for these nuts, or if this is correct. I am concerned about damaging the cables torquing to this value.

I was unable to find anything with a search, so I tend to think I'm missing something obvious. Any hints?

Walt 12-27-2011 07:26 AM

I'm sure there is a torque value somewhere (Gil will find it) but I've never seen one. I'm sure that if you torque it to 500 in lbs it will snap long before that :eek:

Treat it more like an AN tube fitting and you should be ok, to me it's one of those "goodntight" torques :D

vmirv8bldr 12-27-2011 08:24 PM

Checked with A&P
I stopped in a checked with the A&P at the airport today. He said these nuts are kept tight by the internal tooth lockwasher, and all we're shooting for is to get the lock washer to bite a bit, but not crush the teeth of the washer. So, as a rule of thumb, get it snug, and then a quarter to half turn and you're done.

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